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Product designer and creative creator 

"Details make the difference"

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There has been a time in my life when crafting suppliers were denied because I would only draw and craft until the materials were finished. Also, a moment when I got a scholarship from handicrafts because of my talented skills in sewing and knitting. After ten years of expressing myself through movement on ice as a figure skater, I started dreaming of being an artist, but life had many more lessons to teach. 

My journey took me to move from Finland to the Netherlands at the age of 19 and gave me a fantastic opportunity to discover my other skills, find my true power and become myself. Through a career as a personal assistant, I was blessed to see the world, including South Africa and Uruguay, practising an eye to think of better design solutions than the ones around me and discover different styles, colour combinations and recognition of good quality. When design studies crossed my path, I knew I had found a direction that would challenge me to use the fearless life experience and skills I had. Creativity in arts and crafts, hard-working mentality giving my heart and soul to all I do and most importantly, teach me new skills and take me to the next chapter to become a passionate designer.

I have an industrial design engineering bachelor -degree that allowed me to get hands-on experience with international clients who challenge me to design objects as well as futuristic services that implement into a greener future with sustainable thinking. 

“True lessons happen through experience and discovery.”

"Nature solved it already, now it's our turn"

Through biomimicry and life’s principles we can learn how nature designs and how it has solved all the problems with the circular system that stays sustainable as long as the planet Earth remains in its orbit. Once I learned the talents of nature’s capabilities in design, I knew there is a way as a designer to concentrate on creating solutions that allow us to live in harmony with nature without damaging it. Sustainability and function are a must in design as we don’t want to keep overproducing and mass manufacturing because uniqueness and quality are found elsewhere. We have so many materials available without producing more.

“All the answers are right in front of us if we just look closer and start to work with life’s principles!”

"A team leader and final finisher by heart"

Recent projects have taught me to lead a project, organize and make things happen. The never-ending force and Finnish willpower drive me further and give excellent results for the whole team. I tend to double-check everything till the last moment and make sure everything is visually coherent and detailed. I believe working hard is all about putting in the effort, doing the best possible at the moment, planning well, following the flow and having fun! 

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