Product design projects

Product display elements

Client: Botanopia

Customized display elements to present products beautifully in stores.

Embroidery Brooch collection

Client: Botanopia

Unique accessory to elevate and style clothing with plant inspired brooches.

Upcycling - Bathroom cabinet

Personal Project

There is a lot of beautiful furniture around us. Why make new things when we can give a new life to an old one?

Micoriza - System to try on virtual clothing

Client: Project Trashure

System that allows user to try on virtual clothing while getting connected with sustainable brands that can advertise themselves and become more mainstream.

Calla - Acoustic Art Panel

Client: VIlt Aan Zee

Sound absorption, authentic handmade wool felt and elegant ambient lighting.

Amico Moale - Soft Portable Lamp

Client: Studio Schrofer

Portable, playful and friendly companion lamp that bend its arms and hang onto surroundings. 

Mutka - Meeting Station

Client: Ahrend

Hybrid working and meetings with the multi-functional meeting station that allows to either stand or sit while working with a laptop.

Digital design projects

Packaging design

Client: Spotter Coffee

Designing a new package that clearly connect the product to a coffee brand through colors and graphics.

Article publication

Client: Botanopia

Interactive website article that has been written, filmed, photographed and edited by me. Content include DIY-tutorials and creative artwork of mine.


Logo projects


Logos that are designed to clients based on their brand, vision and company style

Design journal

Course: Design Aesthetics & perception

Collection of graphic design, 3D-models and color – form study visual presentations. 

Art work

3D -texture pantings

Personal project

When there is no words to speak, I paint the feeling creating textures and patterns that are inspired by nature. Colors are highlighting the effect and story behind the inspiration.