vavuli design

Amico moale- soft portable lamp

"ambient lighting to every adventure"


Amico Moale is a perfect companion lamp to luminate indoor or outdoor setting with it’s interactive bendable construction that increases creativity and playfulness for it’s different placement possibilities as its arms can be used as hooks. The lamp can be delivered to any home through a mail slot. 


Client : Studio Schrofer

The Hague University of Applied Sciences 

2021 Industrial design – Aesthetics & perception: group project

Personal team role: leader & digital visualizer 



Design that pushes the mind beyond norms to create eye catching lamp. Since people are have found interest to spend time outdoors during the Covid-19 pandemic and started to look for off grid living for example in a campervans ordelivery system in the Netherlands has been overloaded, packages bigger than mail slot size are delayed and the product must fit through the mail slot and use sustainable, local materials. 



Finale design

amico moale