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Botanical embroidery

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brooch collection

In this collection we see how nature’s beautiful elements from seaweed to Eucalyptus flower can be translated through thread into a dedicated embroidery accessory. Extensive experimentation allowed me to find efficient way to machine embroider the smallest details possible. 

The collection is now listed in Botanopia’s catalog and will be sold to clients.


Client : Botanopia (



Olive green machine embroidered brooch in a shape of an olive tree branch is hanging from a collar of a beige coat


Instead of decorating fabric with a flat machine embroidery pattern, the challenge was to experiment a method that allows the traditional embroidery stitching to create a 3D-object that can be worn as a classy accessory. Each pattern is drawn stitch by stitch on the embroidery software.

discovering a new embroidering technique

Embroidered shapes that don’t have a fabric attached to them as the end results, are often made on a water soluble fabric that melts away around the design once placed under water. Normally it enquires at least 3 layers of thread stitches overlapping each other on two different directions in order to keep the wanted shape. The new discovery of mine was to embroider with one layer and attach part of the stitches either from the middle or from one side to another stitch direction so it still stays in shape once dissolved under the water. This method saves time and can embroider three times faster than the usual technique.

Final selection and their colors

Designing Process