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Micoriza-sustainable fashion made attractive

"raise awereness about textile consumption"

 Micoriza virtual mirror is an interactive real-life experience to try on digital clothing from different sustainable companies that has an opportunity to promote their brand and become attractive for the young generation. 

The system also has an informative internet page that can be entered through scanning a QR-code. The user can watch a shocking video which follow a discount code for the company that is advertised. The website also includes a map that point out all the sustainable stores in the city. 


Client : Project Trashure 

The Hague University of Applied Sciences 

2022 Bachelor second year group project

Personal team role: complete finisher, document proof reader & digital visualizer 


Sequency of use


Textile waste from the leading fast fashion industry has become a huge environmental problem, but at the same time young people’s lack of accountability, supported by the influence of social media and their financial capabilities, results in a lack of demand for sustainable fashion and responsible consumption.

The goal of this project is to make sustainable fashion more mainstream by educating the user and encouraging the creation of a network of people and stores that can contribute to a more sustainable consumption. 

Inspired by biomimicry

Design project steps

Cooperative system as the fungi