vavuli design

Mutka-meeting station

"bring back the office workers"


Mutka -meeting workstation is designed for the new hybrid office environment and allows office workers to interact in face-to-face meetings with a laptop either in a seated or a standing position, and to have a desired set up at any space of the office. The workstation applies Covid-19 safety measures including personal hygiene and safe distance between workers. 

Client : Ahrend

The Hague University of Applied Sciences 

2021 the first year group project

Personal team role: leader & digital visualizer 




During Covid-19 pandemic the whole world had adapted working from home due to severe lockdowns that influenced the sales of a Dutch furniture company Ahrend. They challenged us so design an innovative office furniture that would attract and safely bring back the office workers to their work environment.





Birch wood sheets are cut, glued and pressed together in a plywood bending press with a custom made mould that increase fast production and mass manufacturing of the product. The side table parts are assembled and screwed on the side of the seat allowing the user to rotate it freely.